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Dear Bibischian,

There’s a kind of magic sensation in knowing that inside Bibisco there are thousands of characters, plots, intrigues and betrayals. Probably we could find the most amazing loves, friendship, but also superheros and wicked people, police and thieves; stories that would make us dream and  run home to finish them, but also terrible ones that would make 50 Shades Of Grey a masterpiece of literature!  And in this world of imagination we can listen to eight different languages from all over the world. Isn’t it exiting!?

This is the reason why we would like to know all the bibischians better. This is why we decided to prepare and to introduce you a special project: the Bibisco blog! This space will be a corner for all the writers (or aspiring ones) who enjoy using Bibisco, who want to suggest improvements, who are looking for tips and inspiration for their amazing new stories. Moreover, the blog of Bibisco will be also a space to promote yourself and your story, in particular your characters.  Would you like to introduce us one of your characters? Or to make us dream with your story? Contact us, or keep in touch with us, we want to create a new community, the Bibischian one! 

We are ready to start this new adventure, are you?

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